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Our Story

You know when you hear stories of city folk selling up and buying a farm in the country; well that's us!

We moved to the beautiful Peak District village of Sheldon in 2017, knowing only what we'd learned from Country File.

Since then we've established a successful holiday cottage business in our beautiful old stone barns, and we hope that many of our happy holiday makers will want to buy their meat from us, having seen the love and attention that we give to our animals. 


We've established a number of small flocks of native breed sheep, and have learned loads from our wonderful farming neighbours in a very short space of time.

Being newcomers to farming, we insist on the highest possible welfare standards for all of our animals. We use a small abattoir with high welfare standards and an exceptionally skilled butcher to ensure responsible treatment though out the process.  

We are now offering lamb meat boxes by mail order, delivered to your door in eco-friendly, wool insulated packaging.

Manor House Farm Cottages

Julia & John farm 50 Acres of grassland in the Peak District National Park.

We have breeding flocks of Jacob, Southdown, and Herdwick sheep.

We offer meat boxes by mail order delivery service.

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