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Meat Boxes

Meat Boxes

Half Lamb Box £110

half lamb meat box

1 leg (or 2 x half leg joints).

1 shoulder (or 2 half shoulder joints).

chops (rack and/or individual).

Minced lamb.

Whole Lamb Box £220

whole lamb meat box

2 legs (or 4 x half leg joints).

2 shoulder (or 4 half shoulder joints).

Chops (rack and/or individual).

Minced lamb.

Please ask if you have any specific butchery requirements. We can accommodate most requests for specific cuts.


Free delivery to mainland UK addresses. Discounts available for collection from the farm.

Reserve your box now.  Our supply is intermittent throughout the year and we will contact you in advance to confirm your order and requirements when we have stock ready.

How it Works

We believe in a personal touch. To place an order, just email of call John via our contact page.

As demand outstrips supply, it's best to order well in advance. You can get an indication of our upcoming availability from the availability link above.

We keep a waiting list of interested customers and we will contact you in advance to confirm your order and any specific requirements that you have for individual cuts, breeds, or ages of lamb that you'd like. Payment can be made by bank transfer or card payment can be taken over the phone.

The meat is delivered to you fresh, and each cut is individually vacuum packs. The delivery boxes are insulated with wool, and chilled with ice-packs that will keep the meat in good condition for up to 48 hours. We use an overnight delivery service, so your order will reach you within 24 hours, ready for you to use fresh, or to freeze at home. We are only able to deliver to mainland UK and discount are available for collection from the farm.



jacob sheep

Jacob sheep have their origins in the middle east and are quite probably one of the oldest breeds in the world, with historical references dating back to the Old Testament book of Genesis.

They produce a full flavored and lean meat compared to ordinary supermarket lamb, and some prefer their Jacob meat a little older as hogget, rather than as young lamb.


southdown sheep

Southdown sheep are the oldest native breed in the UK. Developed in the 18th Century, they are known for their meat quality. Southdown rams will regularly be used to cross with other breeds to enhance the meat quality of the offspring. It tastes how lamb used to do 250 years ago!


herdwick sheep

Herdwick sheep are best know as a breed from the Lake District, and they are well suited to upland pasture. 

Herdwick is commonly know as 'the Queen of meats'. It is a slow growing breed, generally eaten as hogget at between 1 and 2 years of age and so is typically available in its second summer.

How do you like your lamb?

We're in no hurry to grow our lambs on, and want them to enjoy a good life, fed on grass, in their natural environment.

Lamb: If you like your lamb cooked pink, then you'll want to buy lamb which is aged less than 12 months old.

Hogget: For a deeper flavour for slow cooked recipes, you might want to try some Hogget which is aged between 1 and 2 years old.

Mutton: Mutton is aged 2 years or more and is growing in popularity, aided by a campaign lead by Prince Charles.


This season we have: Sold Out


Herdwick hogget available during summer 2023

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